Wednesday, March 7, 2012

cool kids

ok, so i crashed a kids event and i'm not proud of it. but i did try to blend in by bringing along my baby cousin who is only like 5"6. but being a fan of alice in the wonderland, i've always been oddly intrigued by everything which is either miniature or over-sized. the cool kids pop up store at lane crawford showcased some of the cutest clothing you could find, from kid by phillip lim to lanvin children's and of course i couldn't return home empty handed. yes, i bought that giant opening ceremony pencil. and you have to admit, they always have the best snacks at kids events right - mini gelato cones, lemonade and even tea cake like things. oh, and not to mention i found my best dressed of the week there - mini taylor tomasi hill!


  1. cool man! haha
    spoil kids><!!! u going to karen millen?

  2. Such a cute little girl!!! :)

  3. Such adorabble things here! The girl in a first photo is so pretty too (I guess she's not your 5"6 cousin :)) xo akiko
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  4. This is absolutely adorable! I would've crashed too!

  5. Kids these days are lucky to have so many cool things available for them. The pencil is too cute, I love oversized items.