Sunday, March 11, 2012

the black skirt

(shirt: uniqlo, top: maria luisa, skirt: zara, jacket: asos)

(watch: casio from american apparel)

trial and error is inevitable when it comes to fashion. i'm quite sure that even my fashion gods, namely elin kling, rumi neely and them all would get it wrong once or twice every now and then. for me, the grueling process took over me when i suddenly got an obsession with black skirts. first it was a pleated one, then it was a slit one, and finally i decided i'd settle for this slightly pleated, high-waisted skirt with pockets. and yes, the deal breaker were the pockets.


  1. Wow, you look pretty as always ♥

  2. love the outfit and your hair is gorgeous!!

  3. Did you go somewhere for a holiday? You don't look like you're in Hong Kong. Anyway you're still as pretty as ever. :) x

  4. Lovely! That jacket with the full skirt is perfection.