Saturday, February 4, 2012

so you

(top: boyfriend's, skirt: zara, shoes: zara)

it's odd how those around you can pick up on your shopping habits even quicker than you could even realize it. striped tops, slit maxis, blocked heels are among the few items which fall into the list that induce those who know me to say "this is so you", followed by "you should buy it". but the entire conversation always ends up as an internal conflict, if it's so me, then it means i already have something like it, so why should i buy it? so when the scenario ultimately came upon me again, i decided that i should apply some sort of variation into my choices, hence the slit 'mini' skirt.


  1. i love these blue heels!
    amazing photos :)

  2. lovely angle to take pics!!!!
    i want that dress :)

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  3. Nice, I've tagged you to answer silly questions :).

  4. beautiful photos,
    love this!!!


  5. those blue Zara heels definitely adds a pop of colour to your all black outfit! loving your hair btw.

    accidental encounters

  6. This is so funny! The fact that something is very 'so you' should not limit yout (shopping) choice...I would find it very flattering because it means that you have your own style and people can recognise it! Love the royal blue shoes!

  7. That's true and it's a great idea to add more variation into my closet too. You look amazing as always and lovely shoes! xo akiko
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