Monday, February 13, 2012

mick, keith, ronnie, charlie

(sunglasses: asos, top: wildfox)

if you let me choose, i'd spend the every sunday with my laptop in bed. but that's obviously wishful thinking cause there's always going to be something that will lure me out of my hibernation. and the last thing that you'd want to take care of at these kind of moments is what to wear, so my ultimate solution is the t-shirt/dress hybrid. throw one on top of leggings, stockings, shorts and you're good to go - day and night.


  1. You still look so stylish with throwing your ultimate outfit! Your hair look so gorgeous, by the way. Is it perm or are you using curler? Looks so nice! xo akiko

    Style Imported

  2. Stylish and cool outfit for a lazy day !

    Xoxo from japan

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  4. That's the kind of fashion sense that I can live by! Great blog.

  5. cute T-shirt!
    makes u look rally cool.
    im following u now!

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  6. Amazing amazing amazing hair!!! Think your hair can be considered a fashionable item. :)

  7. If given choice I will choose to stay in bed with my laptop too!! Who can live without t-shirts really.


  8. Um yes, that is also my go-to outfit. And it always works!
    xx, Micol

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